Fall 2021 Commencement FAQs

Questions about the ceremonies

Do graduation candidates have to RSVP to attend commencement?

Detailed instructions, including the RSVP link and deadline, were emailed to the official UNT email accounts for all students approved for Fall 2021 graduation as well as students completing requirements to graduate in the Summer of 2021. RSVPs for Fall Commencement 2021 must be completed by Nov. 13.

After completing the RSVP process, graduates will receive by email a QR code that they need to bring with them to their commencement ceremony. This code can either be printed, or saved on their smartphone. The code will be scanned just before they approach the stage, triggering their name to be announced and their name to appear on the screens in the venue. Graduates who arrive without their code will be given a new one that will be attached to their name.

What do I do if I didn't RSVP before the deadline?

Students who missed the RSVP deadline will need to arrive at their commencement ceremony one hour before it is scheduled to begin and check in at the Help Desk prior to lining up. Their information will be entered and they will be given a QR code on a colored GradPass. This lets the the Master of Ceremony know the student's name is not prerecorded and needs to be read live as they cross the stage.

What elements will be included in Fall 2021 commencement ceremonies?

UNT's Undergraduate College Commencement Ceremonies are hosted by college deans and honor graduates with pomp and circumstance. The ceremonies include traditional graduation moments – wearing regalia, degree conferral, the calling of graduate names, and crossing the stage.

The Doctoral and Master's Commencement is hosted by Toulouse Graduate School and recognizes the accomplishments of students who completed post-graduate studies. Doctoral and M.F.A. candidates (recipients of terminal degrees) are hooded during this ceremony by their faculty mentor(s).

Will Fall 2021 Commencement include virtual ceremonies?

All ceremonies will be held in-person. A livestream will be available and archived for playback.

Will graduates cross the stage?

Graduates will have an opportunity to cross the stage during commencement ceremonies.

I couldn't/didn't want to participate in previous ceremonies or my guests and/or I cannot attend my upcoming ceremony as assigned. May I return this fall or in the future to participate and cross the stage?

You may contact your academic college to see if they are able to accommodate your request.

Does UNT host summer commencement ceremonies for students who graduate in the summer?

UNT does not host commencement ceremonies during the summer. Students who fulfill graduation requirements and are approved to graduate during the summer can either participate in the previous Spring Commencement ceremonies (if they apply to participate and are approved to do so) or they can participate in the next Fall Commencement ceremonies.

Is the event ticketed? How many guests may graduates invite?

Tickets are not required for Fall 2021 commencement ceremonies. Graduates who RSVP will receive a QR code that they will need to bring with them to scan at their ceremony to trigger their name to be said aloud and appear on the screen, but it is not a ticket. Seating for guests is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Doors open one hour prior to ceremony start. The ceremonies will be streamed live from commencement.unt.edu for those unable to attend in person.

What can my guests and I bring to the ceremony?

The Coliseum is enforcing a clear bag policy for all commencement events. Only clear bags up to 12” x 12” as well as small bags, roughly the size of an adult human hand, will be allowed into the venue. Balloons and noisemakers will also not be allowed into the Coliseum. Graduates should only bring their QR code, either saved on their device or preferably, printed. To print your QR code, when you log in to Marching Order, you will be taken to your Graduate Home page which includes a button to “Print Grad Pass.” On the next page, click on “Print GradPass” to print your QR code.

Questions about Regalia, Rings and Announcements

Where can I find regalia pricing and information, including tassel color?

Official UNT regalia may be purchased through the Barnes & Noble at UNT bookstore on campus. Orders will be shipped to the Barnes & Noble on campus for pick up prior to commencement ceremonies. Payment is due at that time. Learn about regalia order deadlines and pricing. For answers to other regalia, ring and announcement questions, email SM8085@bncollege.com.

What if I can't afford to purchase or rent a cap and gown?

A limited number of graduation caps and gowns are available for rental at no charge through the Mean Green Gowns for Grads program. We do not want the price of a cap and gown to prevent students from celebrating their huge academic accomplishment.

For answers to other regalia, ring and announcement questions, email SM8085@bncollege.com.

Questions about Diplomas, Diploma Covers and Programs

Why don’t I receive my diploma at commencement? When will I receive my diploma?

Diplomas are printed and mailed to official UNT mailing addresses within eight weeks of commencement following the receipt of final grades and after verification that the candidate has met all requirements for graduation. It is the responsibility of the graduate to ensure UNT has the correct mailing address on file after graduation. Graduates were asked for their diploma address on the graduation application and should verify and/or update their mailing address by logging into my.unt.edu with their EUID and password. Learn more about diplomas.

Will my guests or I receive programs at my ceremony?

Printed programs will not be distributed at commencement ceremonies, but a digital version of the program is available online and each graduate may pick up two commemorative commencement programs from the Alumni Center in the Gateway Center Dec. 9-10, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Dec. 11, from 9 a.m. to noon and 2 to 4 p.m. while supplies last. Learn about where to park for this event.

General Commencement Questions

What does it mean to graduate with honors?

Undergraduate students whose overall grade point average, based on both grades earned in UNT courses and transferred courses, is at least 3.500 or better can graduate with honors, also called Latin honors. These are the distinctions of cum laude, magna cum laude and summa cum laude. Learn more about graduating with honors.

What groups, organizations and people make commencement possible?

Commencement is a collective celebration made possible by many in the UNT Family. Learn more about those involved with making it successful.