Celebrating the accomplishments of UNT graduates

The Mean Green family comes together each year at commencement to honor the hard work and celebrate the success of our graduates. These are stories of pride, spirit and support -- the University of North Texas way.

Congratulations, graduate!

You’ve done it. All the hard work, late nights and sacrifice are paying off. Soon you’ll be a college graduate, ready to conquer the world with a UNT degree in hand and all of the power and knowledge that comes with it. It’s time to celebrate!

Commencement marks a passage, the transformation from student to graduate. It’s the beginning of a new journey of discovery and the start of a lifelong affiliation with UNT as an alumnus alumni.

We're celebrating this milestone with you. For you. And with all of the fanfare and grandeur you deserve.

We want you to attend all of the graduation events because there are unique features for each one. It also gives you more opportunities to celebrate with your loved ones and your UNT family.

Spring Ceremonies

  • Every May, UNT's Undergraduate College Commencement Ceremonies honor UNT's annual graduating class with pomp and circumstance and enable graduates to enjoy the traditional moments of graduation, including degree conferral, with fellow graduates from their college or school. Graduation is about individual recognition. Graduates' names being called. Walking the stage in their cap and gown. Shaking hands with their university administration. Undergraduate College Commencement Ceremonies give graduates the opportunity to celebrate graduation with these traditional features.
  • Doctoral and Master's Commencement ceremonies are held every May to recognize the accomplishments of students who completed post-graduate studies by that semester. Doctoral and M.F.A. candidates (recipients of terminal degrees) are hooded during these ceremonies by their faculty mentor(s).

Fall Ceremonies

  • In December, UNT holds Undergraduate College Commencement Ceremonies for summer and fall graduates. These ceremonies feature the traditional moments of graduation, including degree conferral and individual recognition.
  • A Doctoral and Master's Commencement is held every December to recognize doctoral and M.F.A. candidates (recipients of terminal degrees) who completed post-graduate studies by that semester. Fall degree candidates and summer degree recipients are hooded by their faculty mentor(s) and their degrees are conferred during this ceremony.

Congratulations, UNT graduate! Savor this time and be a part of the sea of green pride at UNT’s commencement events.

Learn more about the different commencement events for Spring and Fall.